I love details, lists, and organization. I love the challenge of bringing together magical wedding dreams with more realistic wedding budgets. I am extremely inspired by vintage decor and furniture and have a keen eye for picking out pieces with a ton of character. My eclectic style and knack for sifting through thrift stores and flea markets lend perfectly to creating events that look and feel unlike any other event. I truly believe that all couples are unique and therefore, no two weddings should ever be the same! 


I was born and raised in San Diego and those beach roots run deep. While I moved up to San Francisco to pursue my Masters in Education in 2005, you can always find me by an ocean with my flip flops, soaking up whatever rays of sunshine I can find. I began my professional career as an elementary school teacher in San Francisco, transitioned into managing restaurants, and eventually steered myself in the direction of opening and running hand+heart Weddings and Events (definitely NOT linear, I know!). It is through my earlier careers where I learned how to communicate effectively, harvest creativity, empathize with people from all walks of life, and organize the HECK out of every situation. Interestingly enough, teaching children and managing adults in a  restaurant are very much alike! 


I have called San Francisco home for about 15 years now and live in the Outer Sunset. I love this city, the diversity it breeds, and the uniqueness that it welcomes. I love to go on adventures with my husband, José, and our newest addition, Mateo. When I’m not working on a wedding or rockin’ that mom-life, you can find me cooking delicious meals with equally delicious wine for friends or spending time outdoors doing absolutely anything. 


My favorite part of planning weddings is the connections that I make with newly engaged couples. I truly care about the couples that I work with and often find myself becoming close friends with the bride and groom during the planning process. I am extremely passionate about making this time a positive and exciting experience and do everything I can to make your life easier. I strive to get to know each couple, their families, close friends, and fur babies individually so that the love, joy, and excitement of this huge milestone is felt throughout all of your circles! I believe positivity breeds more positivity, and I always approach challenging situations with optimism. 

Michelle is a Bay Area native. She grew up in the South Bay, wandering flea markets and thrift stores, searching for all things vintage, unique or just plan weird and quirky! Michelle and her husband recently bought a house in downtown Point Richmond, originally built in 1901. They fell in love with it's character and are working on preserving it's charm. When we they’re not watching This Old House, searching for tips and tricks on DIY renovating, you can find their family working in the garden and giving our eager to help, 17 month old son Crosby, tasks like lining up his favorite rocks he's found and picking greenery for the dining table.  Michelle is  a master at making everyone (the couple, guests, vendors, etc!) feel comfortable, relaxed, and seen. She has a ‘get it done’ mentality and makes magic happen in what sometimes feels like an instant. Michelle’s biggest asset is her eye for styling and design. She has an ‘edited eclectic’ style— she loves making a space feel bright and warm with colorful florals, mixing patterns and textures all while keeping a grounding eye on neutrals for harmony. Michelle loves all things that tell a story and makes you feel a certain way! 

What does Michelle love about weddings? “I love so many things about weddings but my favorite part is the storytelling. Throughout the day, I get to hear the most beautiful stories from sisters, fathers and best friends about how two people found their way to each other and how they plan to share their lives together. I'm overjoyed at the thought of bringing all of your favorite people together to share in your wedding story!”



Associate Planner +

Production Assistant 

Alexandra Piper is a 20-something-year-old Experience Designer who specializes in using nature as the foundation for most gatherings.  Born and raised in coastal California Alex feels blessed to call places like San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and Lake Tahoe extensions of home. 

The Earth being her grandest muse, Alex specializes in creating dreamlike productions in nature. She describes her personal style to be bougie bohemian in which she draws inspiration from organic textures, patterns, and florals.  She works passionately to understand the vision of her clients in order to bring a tailored bespoke design to their celebration that is as unique as the couple and their love story. 

Alex’s favorite things about weddings consist of first looks, editorial film photography, speeches that make her cry, and how everyone feels at the end of the night! 

Oh, and she loves to use exclamation points at the end of her sentences because she’s always excited!! 




Design Assistant 

Arael Domínguez is a Tijuana native living in San Francisco. After getting a B.A in Studio Art from San Francisco State University, she worked as a set designer for different theater companies, including 42nd Street Moon, Brava Theater and Cutting Ball Theater. Additionally, she has broad teaching experience in photography and painting. Arael has been in San Francisco for almost 9 years and loves the city’s diversity and access to nature. When she’s not working in restaurants or in weddings, she is making art. When she’s not making art, she spends time with her dog, Queso. They enjoy taking long walks or hikes and ending at a restaurant for a nice meal and a good drink. Arael knows how to hustle— at weddings, she is always moving and is everywhere she needs to be, before anyone thinks to ask her to be there! She’s willing to get down and dirty with the catering team and also has a great eye for design and detail. She’s got a great smile and creates a warm space to welcome guests! What does Arael love about weddings? “Everything! I like how there's happiness in the air, and everyone dresses fancy. I like how you see people that you haven't seen in a long time. I love the food, the open bar and most importantly, I love the dance floor!”