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Chic Knots and Micro Celebrations: Unveiling the Top 8 Wedding Trends for 2024

Updated: Feb 22

Hey lovebirds and wedding enthusiasts!

As we dive into a new year, the wedding world is buzzing with excitement over some seriously cool trends that are about to take the spotlight. I am personally so excited about these in particular. After years in the industry, I know what's staying in 2023 and what's here to stay. Not only will I be sharing the trendy little details, but also the budget-friendly wedding tips that will save you a buck or two!

1. Stripes —

We have loved subtly incorporating stripes into our weddings, but this year I am predicting bold stripes playing a more prominent role in designs across the board! Stripes will not just be an accent but will take a leading role in various aspects of wedding aesthetics. From umbrellas to paper, goods, linens, and all the details in between. I can’t wait to see how the variety of stripes come out in all the designs this year.

2. Bows —

If you follow any wedding vendor, you know that bows 🎀 burst onto the scene towards the end 2023, and I don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon. While we love a trendy moment, especially for couples who adore the grandeur of dramatic bows, we will be incorporating bows into more subtle details, like place cards or tying signage in a cute little bow. At the end of the day, we want you to look back on your wedding in 20 years and still be happy with all the decisions you made. Embracing trends is an art for us—a delicate balance that we strive to achieve, ensuring that every design choice feels timeless

3. Embroidery —

There is nothing more personal than embroidery, in my opinion. The idea of someone weaving thread into material to convey a certain message or feeling is undeniably beautiful. I love the texture and dimension that embroidery gives. I can’t wait to see it make a come back in wedding dresses, veils, and personalized details throughout the day. From delicate cuff links to inscriptions on cocktail napkins, embroidery promises to add a touch of timeless elegance and heartfelt sentiment to every wedding celebration.

4. Dramatic Veils —

fully embroidered floral floor length veil

Give me a dramatic veil any day of the week! Sending a bride off down the aisle and watching her veil trail behind her is one of the most inspiring moments of a wedding day. I wholeheartedly endorse veils adorned with personal details—be it delicate embroidery, enchanting florals, or a touch of sparkle, anything to give it texture, shimmer, or a unique spin on a traditional piece.

5. No Bouquets—

An increasing number of couples are recognizing the potential for cost savings in the realm of personal flowers for weddings. Recently, I've witnessed several brides opting for unconventional choices when it comes to their bridesmaids' floral arrangements. Whether it's a simple floral wristlet, a bundle of baby's breath, or foregoing bouquets altogether, I anticipate a rise in popularity for these simple and understated bridesmaid accessories throughout 2024.

6. Small Ceremonies & Larger Receptions —

This trend emerged during the challenges posed by the COVID pandemic when couples found themselves compelled to trim their guest lists down to their nearest and dearest, but still wanted to have a larger party once things opened up. I love that this trend is here to stay. This trend not only allows for an intimate ceremony where your closest family and friends can bear witness to your love, but you can still have a major party with a larger circle of friends and family! Plus your budget tends to stretch further when you keep your ceremony intimate and you can spend more money on the reception design, guest experience, and food & beverage!

7. Handwritten Typography —

While script and calligraphy has always been a mainstay in the wedding world, I am seeing more playful and unique handwriting styles making their way onto paper goods for weddings, and I love it! I love the funkiness of the loopy letters, the uniqueness of the way they are presented on the page, and how it makes each detail of the wedding feel like it was touched by hand.

8. Micro Weddings —

Again, another COVID trend that has stuck around and I am fully embracing it! I think a lot of people have been hesitant to spend a lot of money on their wedding, and quite frankly have been shocked to find out how much weddings actually cost. I have been seeing a lot of couples go with smaller wedding ceremonies and receptions in order to make their budget stretch a bit further, and to keep things intimate and intentional.


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