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Ready, Set, Wed: Essential Getting Ready Tips for Your Big Day

Updated: 2 days ago

With weddings in full swing, so many brides (and grooms) are preparing for their big day. But what about what happens before the ceremony? You know, all the hours of hair and makeup, breakfast and lunch, the First Look, photos...

I've witnessed firsthand the importance of efficient and stress-free morning to ensure a smooth and memorable wedding day. Let's breakdown my essential tips to help you and your wedding party get ready with ease and confidence and make sure you make the most of your morning!

1. Food + Drink

First things first, EAT BREAKFAST! No one likes a hangry bride and on your wedding day (and any day, really) breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I don't recommend stuffing your face with a breakfast sandwich or greasy bacon, but Greek yogurt with fruit and granola or a whole-grain bagel with cream cheese are great options. I've also become a huge fan of a toast bar-- think avocado toast with all the fixings! Protein and fiber will help you feel full and satisfied longer!

Have your room/suite/house refrigerator pre-stocked with water, champagne, and fresh juice. No one likes having to wait for champagne to chill-- you should have a mimosa in hand STAT!

Pace yourself throughout the day and make sure you drink a lot of water in between glasses.

It may sound crazy, but you will likely forget to eat on your wedding day.

There is so much visiting, excitement, and adrenaline that food sometimes takes a backseat. However, just like no one likes a hangry bride, no one likes a drunk bride either (at least not before the ceremony!). Fill that stomach up while you sip on your champagne. Designate one of your bridesmaids or family members to shop for snacks and light lunch. options Make sure there is a good mix of healthy options (fruit, veggies, nuts) and some heartier fare (bagels, salads, cheese, protein bars) for you to snack on throughout the day.

Hotel tip: If you're getting ready at a hotel, pre-order lunch and drinks to be delivered at a certain time. That way, you don't have to think on your wedding day and can ensure that everyone is fed and happy!

2. Location

Choose a location that is at your venue or close by (a 5-10 minute drive). The last thing you want to do is spend a ton of time in a car or shuttle-- less time to spend with your guests and more time for your dress to get wrinkled!

Think about lighting! A hotel room or Airbnb with a lot of natural light is a photographers dream! It will also be helpful for your makeup artist to do your makeup in front of a window with natural light.

If booking a hotel room, make sure it is big enough for your wedding party (+stylists, photographer, videographer, and any family members that may want to be with you on your wedding morning). I always suggest a suite that has a sitting room in addition to the bedroom. This allows people to spread out and not be on top of each other while getting ready.

Hotel Tip: If you are planning to spend your wedding night in the same room that you're getting ready in, plan for housekeeping to come during the evening so you can come back to a freshly made bed and clean room.

Keep the room clean! Ask your bridesmaids to pack lightly and try to keep things tidy. This is a much harder task than it seems. But let me tell you, nothing takes away from beautiful getting ready photos than someone's bra strewn across a chair or shoes haphazardly thrown across the room in the background. Some suggestions on how to avoid a messy background:

Designate a "junk corner". Pick a spot in the room that won't likely be in photos-- maybe near the kitchen, bathroom, closet... have your bridesmaids put all their belongings there and use it as a landing space for all messy things.

Have two rooms. This is easiest to do when you're getting ready in a house or Airbnb. You can designate one room for the ladies belongings and small items, and keep the getting ready room nice and tidy.

Give your wedding party a job. There is a lot of sitting around during the getting ready portion of the day. Designate a few bridesmaids to keep the room tidy-- picking up empty champagne bottles, throw away trash, move items to the junk corner, hang up clothes, line up shoes, etc

3. Details

Pack up your details in a small bag or box for your photographer-- think about including things like your invitation suite, save the dates, fun postage, jewelry, rings/ring box, vow books, shoes, and any other small personal items that you want photographed. This way, your photographer can get right to shooting the details and not have to bother you with a ton of questions.

Purchase a pretty hanger for your wedding dress. This can be as elaborate or as simple as you'd like. Just anything other than the plastic hanger that your dress comes on from the tailor! (Same for the bridesmaid dresses if you plan to have these photographed!)

Music! Enlist a friend to create a fun, upbeat playlist that will bring the good vibes and keep the energy high! Make sure there is a Bluetooth speaker where you're getting ready.

I always an emergency kit on me at the wedding venue, but it's always a good idea to have one on hand getting ready. Some of my favorite items to include: Needle and thread; fabric stain remover; hair spray; dry shampoo; makeup removal wipes; bobby pins; safety pins; medicine like ibuprofen, naproxen, and acid reducer; band-aids; shoe inserts; dental hygiene items like floss, mouthwash, toothbrush, toothpaste; deodorant; tampons and pads; lotion or sunscreen; insect repellent.

4. Just Leave It To Us!

All of our full planning packages now come with a wedding morning coordinator (you're welcome). We will have a team member on-site the morning of to assist hair and makeup with setting up and sorting out any parking/directions. We also ensure that the getting ready space is clean and tidy and that food is put away and drinks are chilled! Our morning coordinator will gather all your details upon arrival and pass them off to the photo/video team upon arrival. They will help keep the timeline on track, be the point of contact for any shuttles/transportation, and can accept food deliveries so that you and your friends can truly relax and enjoy the day!

With thoughtful planning, getting ready for your wedding day can be a fun and memorable start to your wedding day!

Ready to leave it to the props? That's exactly what we do at Hand & Heart Events. Fill our our form below and let's start planning your dream day!


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