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Top Tips For Newly Engaged Couples

After 9 years and over 75+ weddings planned, here are the first 5 things I recommend all newly engaged couples to do! 

1.Enjoy being engaged (take a breather, celebrate, tell your family and friends, post all the ring selfies!) 

2. Talk to your partner and families about the budget! You don’t need to have the nitty gritty figured out just yet, but knowing who is contributing and about how much will make those initial planning conversations easier and more productive. 

3. Get your ring insured — coming from someone who’s diamond fell out of the setting 2 months after being engaged, this is a must! 

4. Talk to your partner about the size of your wedding/people you want to invite vs. people you’re on the fence about — guest count determines 99% of your planning/budget and the more guests you invite, the more your budget increases!

5. Reach out to wedding planners— yes, even before you find a date and a venue— here’s why…

  • A good planner will take the time to get to know you and your partner and will take your priorities and budget into consideration when making venue recommendations. 

  • As planners, we know about all the hidden gems, funky spots, and venues that aren’t necessarily advertised as “wedding venues”.

  • We will attend site visits and ask allllllll the questions before you sign anything. We’ll lay out the additional expenses that might come with each location and will point out the pros and cons of each. 

  • Not wanting a traditional wedding with all the bells and whistles? It’s even more important to hire a planner at the beginning if you want to have a wedding that doesn’t fit inside the typical wedding box! We will help conceptualize the day, make recommendations for places that would be a good fit, and point out all the things you may not be thinking about. 

At the end of the day, remember that your engagement is the start to something much bigger (ahem, a marriage) and you don’t need to immediately jump into wedding planning. Take all the time you want to enjoy being engaged and we’ll be here when you’re ready! 


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